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Universal Dictionary

Universal Dictionary Offline


'Universal Dictionary Offline' The revolutionary android app that comes to bring languages closer. You have dictionary in almost every language in a single app.


  • 104 Language in one Dictionary.
  • Translate words from ANY language to ANY language.
  • Equivalent of 5366 bilingual Dictionaries.
  • 370000+ English Words.
  • More then 5 Million word Entries.
  • Equivalent of more then 200 Million Words.
  • Fully Offline, Everything is pre-loaded.
  • Highly compressed Database, So Apk size is reasonable.
  • Simple and Clean UI.
  • Fast and Excellent Search System.
  • Can Translate Words from Clipboard and Share.
  • Copy and Share history Viewer.
  • Rich Synonym and Antonym Database.
  • Run in any Device (even in low-end device) smoothly.
  • Can be installed in SDcard (if device support), so it will not eat space from your phone storage.
  • Absolutely FREE, so it costs NOTHING...


  • Translate a word: Select your source language and target language from two dropdown menu (Spinner). then write the word in the input box.
  • Swap Languages (make source language to target language and vice-versa): Click on the 'Swap' button (in the middle of two Spinner).
  • Translate word from Clipboard (Copied text): Open the Dictionary and press the Clipboard icon (in lower right corner).
  • Translate word from Other apps / browser (Shared text): Select the text on browser or any other apps, then select the share icon.
  • View Shared / Copied text history: Open 'Universal Dictionary Offline', press upper-left menu icon, and then select 'View Shared Text' or 'View Copied text' as you wish. Click on any item to translate it again.
  • Delete Share / Copy history: Open 'View Shared Text' or 'View Copied text' option, then long click (press and hold) an item to delete it. If you want to delete all items, Select 'Clear History' from upper-left menu.

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