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Homeo Assistant

Homeo Assistant


Homeo Assistant, Homeopathic doctor’s best friend.

Homeo Assistant, the best homeopathic android free application available in the market. It is a smart application built with a rich collection of repertories, materia medicas, therapeutics, clinical information and philosophical books.


Its features are:-

  1. Huge collection of rubrics/symptoms. (more then 1,00,000 rubrics/symptoms)
  2. Three attractive view of repertories. (List view, Child view, Book view)
  3. Powerful search system in repertories and books.
  4. Powerful analyzing system.
  5. unlimited numbers of symptoms can be taken in a case.
  6. Powerful patient management system.
  7. All patient data are saved into sdcard. So, no risk of data loss.
  8. Import patient from sdcard.
  9. Compare two remedy in analyzer.
  10. Reverse repertory of all included repertories.
  11. All repertories are in modern grading system.
  12. Well-formed database. All books are under your finger tip.
  13. Text to speech support. You can read or listen books anytime.
  14. Clean and attractive user interface. Easy access to valuable homeopathic resources.
  15. Fast and smooth experience in any device.
  16. Its fully free, so it costs nothing.

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